Easter in Norfolk

Staying to celebrate Easter Sunday in Norfolk? Check below for more information

If you are staying to celebrate Easter Sunday below are some resources for local services and restaurants serving Easter meals.  

This page will be updated as more information becomes available.

Local Churches

Epworth United Methodist Church
124 West Freemason St

First Baptist Church
418 East Bute St  (not walking distance, very short drive)

Freemason Street Baptist Church
400 East Freemason St

The Rising
317 Monticello Ave

St. John's African Methodist Episcopal Church
545 East Bute St  (not walking distance, very short drive)

St. Paul's Episcopal Church
201 St. Paul's Blvd

Wave Church
120 College Place

Basilica of St. Mary

1000 Holt Street

Easter Brunch

Look for updates as the holiday gets closer!

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