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All sessions will be available On Demand within 24 hours of the live session. Also, all sessions will be available for a full 2 weeks after convention is over for all registered attendees. 

Monday, June 14

9:00 AM EST          NCSG Annual Meeting

9:45 AM EST          Coffee Break

11:00 AM EST       "No One Outranks Safety" with Morgan Luttrell

    CSIA- 1.5 H&S | NFI- 1.5 SHL

12:30 PM EST       Lunch Break

2:00 PM EST    Breakout Sessions-

                         "Hearth Industry Core Knowledge: Let's Review the Basic Principles" with Rick Vlahos

                          CSIA- .75 T .75 C&S | NFI- 1.5 T


                         "Clinical Microbiology 101" with Joseph Ochal

                          CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E  


                         "Establishing Authority through Branding & Benefiting from Niche Markets" with Daniel Freeman

                          CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E  


4:00 PM EST     Breakout Sessions-

                          "Your Company’s Fall Protection Plan" with Jim Brewer

                           CSIA-1 C&S .5H&S | NFI- 1.5 SHL


                          "The F-Words of Sales - 7 Ways Technicians Loose the Sale" with April DeRossett

                           CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E


                          "Inspections A-Z: Process and Information Gathering" with Steve Scally

                           CSIA- 1.5 T | NFI- 1.5 T


6:00 PM EST     Opening Night Event - Virtual Bingo! sponsored by My Fireplace Products

Grab your Bingo cards, make a convention cocktail and join us for some fun and laughs.



Technical Skills-

This icon designates classes that are primarily focused on technical and in the field skills

Business Skills-

This icon designates classes that are primarily focused on business skills

*Schedule as of 2/11/21 and subject to change

Tuesday, June 15

8:00 AM EST    General Session- 

                          "Everyday GSD" with Darin Bibeau

                          CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E 


9:45 AM EST    Breakout Session- 

                         "Key Performance Metrics" with Kent Wessley

                          CSIA-  1.5 B  | NFI- 1 E

                          "Learning Your Numbers" with Steve Scally

                           CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

                          "Drive More Reviews, Referrals and Loyalty" with Laura Nelson

                           CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E


1:00 PM EST  NCSG Trade Show (Trade Show will close at 6pm) 

      CSIA .25-T, .25-C&S, .25-H&S, .25-C&L

Wednesday, June 16

7:30 AM EST  Chimney Chase 5k (Virtual)

                        CSIA- 1 H&S

9:00 AM EST  Trade Show (Trade Show will close at 12pm)

      CSIA .25-T, .25-C&S, .25-H&S, .25-C&L

1:30 PM EST    Breakout Session-

                         "How Decorative Chimney Shrouds Cause Chimney Fires" with Derek Lidstrom

                          CSIA- 1.5 C&S | NFI- 1.5 T


                         "Zen and the Art of Chimney Maintenance" with Blume

                          CSIA- .75 B .75 C&L | NFI- 1.5 E


                         "Pricing for Wealth and Retirement " with Robert Berry

                         CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

3:15 PM EST   Breakout Session-



                         "Proflame Gas Control System" with Jim Brewer

                          CSIA- 1.5 T | NFI- 1.5 T


                         "Don’t Kill Your Golden Goose – Protect & Perpetuate Your Business" with Larry Oxenham

                          CSIA- .75 C&L .75 B | NFI- 1.5 E


Thursday, June 17

9:00 AM EST    Breakout Sessions-


                         "Wardenclyffe Hearth Lab Testing Update" with John Meredith and Chris Prior

                          CSIA- 1.5 T | NFI- 1.5 SHL

                         “Improve Customer Satisfaction with EPA’s Burn Wise Educational Materials” with Larry Brockman

                           CSIA- 1.5 C&L | NFI- 1.5 E


10:30 AM EST Coffee Break   


11:00 AM EST  Breakout Sessions-

                         "The Customer Journey Through Your Business " with Taylor Hill and Carter Harkins

                          CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

                          "Injury Prevention in the Workplace" with Taryn Gill

                           CSIA- .75 T .25 H&S  .25 C&S | NFI- 1.5 SHL

                         “Service and Installation Skill Sets” with Martin Aube

                           CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E                           

2:00 PM EST    Closing Keynote

                         "My Brother's Keeper" with Johnny "Joey" Jones

                           CSIA- 1.5 B | NFI- 1.5 E

              |   1255 SW Prairie Trail Pkwy, Ankeny, Iowa 50023

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